Gertrud Matysik’s

about the artist

After studying art, music and religion at university Gertrud Matysik worked as teacher in public schools in different cities until her retirement.
Allthough she felt an intensive emotional relationship to the nature in general before the beginning of her academic years she developed during her daily work as teacher for art and music a new and very impressive view of the nature especially of the flora from the artistic perspective


Until now the beauty of the flora holds a great fascination for her and her first choice to express her emotional interaction with the wonderful but so vulnerable nature is her artistic work by photo art.


Photo Art Matysik

light, shade and focus and even often suprising the viewer with unexpected views and perspectives.




In her photographs Gertrud Matysik captures the beauty and uniqueness but also the transitoriness of nature and flora over and over again in new and never before seen perspectives. Thereby she perfers photo shots out in the open - often with the focus on details, presented later on oversized photographs - playing with the colors,