Gertrud Matysik’s

The Art Traveler

VOL. 1
Photo Art Matysik


Photo artist Gertrud Matysik is joining the artistic association Artmatysik as some kind of an leading commander in chief of the arts.
Artmatysik, on the WWW at has been founded by Gertrud and her sons Bertram & Gerd and represent this kind of artistic familiy doing all in the arts right on their way. Independent form any external influence they work on every imaginable item inclusive time critical projects they believe have to been done right in our times of unexpected technical achievements and economic success but also of radical changes, social tension, worst case of climate and financial crisis.



Although all worst case scenarios and dangerous moments for mankind to stand the test of time in our age Gertrud Matysik believes in the strengh of human being to cope also these really bad problems of our times on the globe.
But in her conviction we should not ignore them on a way by sitting them out, rest & wait or even dream of no real automatic processes of self-healthing without acting by ourselves to realize practical solutions taking strong effect now. 


So let´s understand the actual days of crisis as a new task for mankind what to do to come out. Let us not only see the problems and the difficulties but also the chances and possibilties in this time we have the opportunity to do a leap on a higher value of human civilization.
But we must act now.


The artist @ London for doing in the arts


mother & son artist @ L.A. Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive - always living the arts